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Providing more than just money, with its 450+ members, TCA brings connections, knowledge, mentoring and operational assistance to bold early-stage entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas.

Irvine, CA, USA

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Tech Coast Angels (TCA) is one of the largest angel investor groups in the U.S

Tech Coast Angels actively seeks great startups to fund and for members to join our network. 

Providing more than just money, and with 400+ members in its network, TCA brings connections, knowledge, mentoring and operational assistance to early-stage entrepreneurs with bold game-changing ideas.

Let us help you to turn your vision into a successful business!


We are industry/market agnostic, typically fund in the $150K to $1M range for deals offering preferred stock or a convertible note (in some cases a SAFE note, preferably with a post-money cap) and with a valuation/cap under $20M ($3-10M is our preferred range).

Companies should be a US C-Corporation (or the Canadian equivalent). We do not invest in companies/deal outside the US and Canada.


Submit an application and we will be in touch. 

If you meet our criteria and either our general or medtech/life sciences pre-screen committee determines that your deal may be a good fit, we will invite you into a screening meeting to pitch to all of our 100+ members.

From there, deal teams comprised of interested investors will have the ability to do deeper due diligence, nominate your deal for investment from our Fund and/or invest individually.

What an Applicant can Obtain

Investment from individual angels that ranges from $10K to $50K and totals $100K to $250K or more.

Investment from our annual angel Fund, typically from $150K to $250K.

Access to all of our angels for mentorship as well as industry connections (incredible people to have on your cap table)

Access to our portfolio company perks in the form of discounts and credits from our sponsors and our ecosystem partners.

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