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Providing more than just money, with its 425+ members, TCA Venture Group Orange County (TCA OC) brings connections, knowledge, mentoring and operational assistance to bold early-stage entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas.

Irvine, CA, USA

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Tech Coast Angels, dba TCA Venture Group (TCA VG), is one of the largest angel investor groups in the U.S., and was the first angel investment group, starting in 1997 in Orange County, CA.

TCA Venture Group Orange County (TCA OC) actively seeks great startups to fund and investor members to join our network.

Providing more than just money, and with 425+ members in its network, TCA VG brings connections, knowledge, mentoring and operational assistance to early-stage entrepreneurs with bold game-changing ideas.

Let us help you grow your startup into a successful business! Apply using the orange button on the upper left of this page or bookmark the following link for later use: tcaventuregroup.com/apply-for-funding/


Your time is valuable, as is ours. Please DO NOT APPLY unless you fit the following criteria. Applications not meeting these requirements will be rejected without additional review:

  • US-based C-Corporation (or the Canadian equivalent). LLCs with proof of having elected to be taxed as a C-Corporation or in the process of converting to a C-Corporation may apply, but will be given a lower priority.
  • Deal terms must be clearly specified. Missing or inconsistent deal terms will cause your application to be rejected. If you do not have a lead investor and the terms are not set, state your proposed terms. Deal terms must include the investment vehicle: preferred equity (no common stock deals), convertible note or post-money SAFE note. If preferred equity, a pre-money valuation must be specified. For convertible notes, a pre or post-money valuation cap must be specified, along with the discount, interest rate and maturity period. For SAFEs, only POST-money SAFEs will be considered, and the cap and any discount must be specified. SAFEs that include an alternative conversion trigger in the event a Series A raise is not forthcoming within a specified time period will be considered more favorably than those without such a clause. 
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or working prototype must exist. We do not invest at the idea, vision or concept stage, or where the primary use of funds is R&D/product development. Most of our investments are at the Seed or Bridge to Series A stage. We occasionally invest in a late Pre-Seed deal or an early/small Series A (where the raise is less than $10M and the valuation cap is less than $25M). We invest primarily in early go-to-market and commercialization, typically leading to a next-stage growth round.
  • In revenue (MedTech/Life Sciences deals excepted). The amount of revenue does not need to be high and can come from non-recurring engineering and/or pilots (although initial commercial revenue is preferred). Revenue helps validate the market and product-market fit. We will use revenue as one key input to assessing your valuation cap (along with other factors such as investment to-date, patents/IP and other assets). The revenue requirement will be waived for MedTech/Life Sciences deals that have not yet received FDA approval.
  • Team of at least two. We don’t invest in solo entrepreneurs – one is not a team! Non-critical roles can be contracted and/or part-time. Advisors with domain expertise and experience are also important.
  • Funding timeline of at least 60 days (with exceptions for syndicated deals). Our target for due diligence is 30 days, but the front-end of our deal flow process is gated by the number of deals in our deal flow queues. It is rare that we can review, approve and fund a deal in less than 60 days. Syndicated deals where due diligence has been completed by another angel group and where an investment summary memo/deal memo is available may be “fast-tracked” (target 14-30 days).
  • Round size and valuation ranges as follows: Round sizes we typically invest in are $250K to low single digit millions. Our typical investment is $150K to $750K (may be higher if other TCA VG networks join in the investment). We typically invest in deals where the valuation caps are in the range of $1M to $15M, with our sweet spot in the single digit millions up to $10M. We have invested in deals with valuation caps up to ~$25M, but it is rare.
  • Markets: We are generally market agnostic, but we only rarely invest in consumer products deals. We do not directly invest in real estate deals (although we do invest in PropTech/RealtyTech).
  • You have 3-5 year pro forma financial projections, which we will ask you to upload (and please include a summary table in your pitch deck).
  • You should want more than our money. We invest in deals where the company can benefit from the experience, expertise and network of our members. Companies that want just funding and no further engagement with us are not our primary demographic. Where we invest a significant amount, we expect a BoD seat, preferably voting but at least as a BoD observer. In other cases, our members are often willing to serve on advisory boards or in other formal or informal advisory capacities.


Submitted applications are typically reviewed within 1-2 weeks.

If you meet our eligibility criteria (see above), you will be invited for a Pre-Screen pitch to either our General or MedTech/Life Sciences Pre-Screen Committee. If they determine that your deal may be a good fit, we'll invite you to a full Screening pitch open to all of our 100+ members.

From there, deal teams comprised of interested investors will conduct due diligence and may recommend your deal for investment from our Fund and/or invest individually.

What an Applicant can Obtain

Investment from individual angels that ranges from $10K to $50K and totals $100K to $250K or more.

Investment from our annual angel Fund, typically from $150K to $250K.

Access to all of our angels for mentorship as well as industry connections (incredible people to have on your cap table).

Access to our portfolio company perks in the form of networking events, discounts and credits from our sponsors and our ecosystem partners.

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