MEDA Angels

Physician & scientist-founded healthcare investor group that invests at the mid-seed & Series A stages, across all healthcare verticals. US-based companies & on occasion, internationally-based.

Washington, DC, USA

Pre-screening Meeting
Due Diligence


Startups:  Welcome!!  We'd love to hear from you!  Please review our minimum criteria under "Eligibility" below to ensure we are the right fit for you.


We know healthcare.

Our healthcare-focused angel investor group is comprised of accredited investors who are physicians, scientists, successful med-tech entrepreneurs, and experts with relevant backgrounds: regulatory, reimbursement, intellectual property & finance (private equity, venture capital, sovereign wealth funds).

With many of our members active in the healthcare sector, MEDA Angels’ investments in technologies reflect not only strong market & technical validation of the products invested in, but members can often represent natural, prospective customers and impactful advisors to portfolio companies. We leverage our extensive networks to support companies in which we invest.

We are, thus, strategic investors.


Our notion of healthcare is quite liberal, so we will invest across sectors including: digital health, SaaS, medical devices, robotics, diagnostics, imaging, AI-driven technologies, and wellness (e.g. food/tech, sports/tech, media-promoting health).

For therapeutics, we limit investments to biosimilars and repurposed drugs. No first-in-humans.

We invest in Mid-Seed & Series A stage companies with a focus on US-based companies, but occasionally will consider non-US companies with a US presence.

For SaaS & digital health companies, a minimum of $300K ARR or $25K-$30K MRR is needed.

For med device & therapeutics companies, minimum requirements include animal studies & tox studies completed.

For those at the earlier Pre-Seed/Seed stages, we are also available to support your ventures in other ways: please check out our Advisory Program.


  1. Submit an application. Information from your profile and initial Q&A is requested so investor members can prepare for upcoming meetings.
  2. Pre-screening presentation to committee. 
  3. If cleared by pre-screening committee, invitation to present to all MEDA investor members. 
  4. If sufficient number of investors indicate interest, we begin due diligence - about 6-8 weeks to complete UNLESS a diligence report is already available and can be shared. This expedites the diligence process.
  5. If diligence clears, then an investment is made.

What an Applicant can Obtain

1. $150K - $300K+ first investment.  We often invest in follow-on rounds if a company has demonstrated progress. 
2. Access to medical, scientific, regulatory/reimbursement, finance expertise and where applicable, our medical, pharma, device networks.

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