Alliance of Angels

The Alliance of Angels is the largest and most active angel group in the Pacific Northwest. We are comprised of 150+ accredited investor members committed to financing and supporting high-growth startups in technology, hardware, consumer and the life sciences.

Seattle, WA, USA

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Due Diligence


High Velocity: We know entrepreneurs are busy, and that raising capital one angel at a time is a little like herding cats. We connect the best entrepreneurs with 160+ angels at once, and target to provide entrepreneurs with an investment decision within 6 weeks
Active Investors: Our members are actively investing directly and through our Fund. We are committed to connecting our entrepreneurs with the resources they need to turbocharge their startup.
Notable AoA exits include:
§  Docusign (IPO)
§  Elemental Technologies (acquired by Amazon for ~$300M)
§  Clarisonic (acquired by L’Oreal for ~$500M)


Our rigorous screening process begins with our staff, who source, interview, and coach 20+ companies each month. A select few present to a screening committee made up of active and experienced investor members, and ultimately, the best deals are chosen to present to our membership at our monthly meetings

What an Applicant can Obtain

More than Checks: We are veteran entrepreneurs and senior business leaders from companies such as Microsoft, BlackRock T-Mobile, and Starbucks. We provide a network of relationships and a wealth of experience in building and growing companies.

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