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Register for the HyperAccelerator® program and get your company truly venture capital ready. This program is for companies who have done the basics already - it's not a place to just try out an idea. Companies should be ready to raise capital immediately or within the next six months.

The HyperAccelerator® is a 5 Day mentor-driven program from January 22nd to 26th, 2023 that dives deep into the tough strategies and questions that need to be developed to land angel or venture capital investment. By the end of the program, companies will have a detailed and sophisticated exit strategy, OKRs, Go To Market, Five Valuation Models, Capital Strategy, Scaling Strategy and more. The program culminates in a Demo Day with an audience of angel and VC investors.

Companies from any industry can apply. In the past we have had industry or topic specific programs for impact companies, life sciences, pandemic tech etc., but this one is open to any type.

This HyperAccelerator® program will be free to participants. There are no fees, no equity, no materials costs, pitch fees, diligence cost, etc. Nothing. This is thanks to a generous grant from Colorado's Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT). 


RVC investors look for opportunities that meet the following criteria:

Deal Stage: Company must be beyond the idea/concept stage. RVC is happy to consider companies that are pre-revenue but the business must have a product ready (prototype, MVP etc.) and a clear strategy to generate revenue within the next 6 months. Applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis as it is understood certain industries may not generate any revenue prior to exit.

Exit Potential: Company has the potential to reach an Exit (a liquidity event for their investors; not a Founder's exit of the business) within 5 years. Companies ideally have an initial Exit Strategy that they view as a roadmap for their business. If companies do not yet have a strategy in place, RVC will help them develop one, but the group looks for companies that are aligned in their intention to scale and Exit within a 5-7 year timeframe.

Quality Team: Founders have a clear passion for the problem they are solving and are aligned with venture capital strategy. Experienced teams that have been Venture-backed previously and/or have Exit experience are weighed positively, though RVC also frequently backs unique, first time founders. RVC's portfolio to date (over 100 investments) is made up of an almost 50/50 split of first-time and experienced founders. Teams with Advisory Boards and/or Boards of Directors lined up are also positives.

Strategy: RVC investors like founders that are strategic thinkers who have a strong strategy in place for Marketing, a Go-to-Market plan, Scaling (Sales & Operations), Competitive Differentiation, Capital Plan, and Exit.

Deal Terms & Capital Plan: Ask and Deal Terms fall in line with standard preferences of RVC and ACA Angel Groups (i.e. companies looking to raise between $500K and $2M for a 20-30% preferred equity stake with a 12-24 month runway). The group has a preference for preferred equity rounds, but will consider convertible notes when used appropriately. RVC will also consider asks that fall outside of these ranges if it’s a compelling deal and the company shows significant traction.


INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. A complete application will include financials, a pitch deck and complete answers to the profile questions. Thank you.

After the application deadline, applicants will be reviewed by a screening and selection committee, and shortlisted applicants may be requested to do a short Q&A with the committee. Applicants will be notified whether they have been selected or not two weeks prior to the event.

Selected applicants will be required to attend the full 5 Day program and Demo Day in person, and are encouraged to bring team members.

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