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Entrepreneurs are an integral part of the Baylor Angel Network. We encourage you to review the investment criteria and funding cycle on our website before submitting an application for funding. Thank you for your interest in the Baylor Angel Network for your capital raise.

Waco, TX, USA

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Application Deadline


Application Deadline

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The Baylor Angel Network (BAN) is one of the leading angel investor groups in Texas. Based in Waco, BAN actively seeks to invest in startups with strong leadership teams and innovative products/services.


BAN screens companies based on their compatibility with our preferred funding profile. If your company does not meet this profile, please consider waiting until your company is ready.
  • Proven entrepreneurial team with relevant industry experience
  • Defensible and unique idea and business model
  • Paying customers, significant market traction, and/or in clinical trials
  • Fundable and scalable business model
  • Thoughtful exit strategy
  • Company culture focused on supporting human flourishing, strong leadership, and sound ethics, as is complementary to Baylor University's mission as a Christian institution


Submit an application and our pre-screening committee will be in touch. 

If you meet our criteria and our pre-screening committee determines that your venture will be a good fit, we will bring you into our upfront diligence process with our team of analysts. This process takes place four times per year. Initial diligence will take place for ~3 weeks. 

From there, our Screening Committee will select the top 4-5 companies to invite to our Presentation Meeting in Waco, TX. 

Immediately following the pitch event, member's with express their investment interest and follow up with any remaining diligence questions. BAN aims to close on investments within 30 days of the pitch event. 

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