WFN 2024 TECH/TECH-ENABLED Application

Female Founders: Apply between 4/1 - 5/31/2024 to compete for $55k in cash grants + professional services

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Round 1

Application Deadline


Judging Deadline

Semifinal Round 2

Application Deadline


Judging Deadline



Female founders are invited to apply for our Fast Pitch competition through May 31, 2024. There is a $50 fee to apply.

Founders should self-select their track for either Tech/Tech-enabled or Consumer/CPG/Other. Please review the category descriptions below to ensure you are applying for the right track. If you are unsure of your category, please contact us at [email protected]

  • Tech/Tech-enabled: This category is for a B2B or B2C company that relies on significant development of technology to deliver the product or service. 
  • Consumer/CPG/Other non-tech: This category includes any physical products that are sold to consumers (e.g., food and beverage, apparel) as well as consumer focused media/content, e-commerce sites, or services provided to consumers. Consumer products or services that rely heavily on technology (such as Nest or Oura Ring) should apply in the tech category.  If you decide you should apply for the Consumer track, you may apply here [insert link].

You will be prompted to set up a Venture Profile for your company. Note you can change the visibility of your profile to Private. If you leave it as Public, it will be visible to any other competition that you apply to within the Spark Collective, or to anyone to whom you provide the link. You may also use the other sharing/job posting features if you choose.

Required questions in the venture profile appear in red text - you may skip or select NA for the others. After you complete the profile questions, you will be asked to complete a few additional questions from WFN, as well as complete our financial summary template.

Download our Fast Pitch Guidelines here to preview the application questions.

You may save and edit/complete your application through the May 31st deadline.


  • Founder/Co-Founder/CEO must be a woman or business must be majority-owned by a woman
  • We cannot accept applications from Life Science or cannabis/CBD companies, or from non-profits
  • Finalists must be able to participate in person at the annual Fast Pitch Event on October 29, 2024 * 
  • Companies must have raised no more than $750K in outside funding, including personal cash funds**
  • Pre-revenue plans are welcome, but we need to see some form of validation / proof of concept from customers, whether it is revenue, LOI's, user surveys, etc. 
  • Business must be based in the United States

* Live event will take place at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the applicant.
** Research grants or other non-recourse, non-dilutive grants, and PPP loans do not count towards the $750K maximum. 


Round 1 Judging:
The top 20-25 companies in each track will be selected as semi-finalists and will be asked to provide additional information.

Round 2 Judging:
Judges vote to select 5 finalists from each track. This group of 10 finalists will receive the benefits outlined below and advance to compete at the October 29, 2024 Fast Pitch event for cash grants and professional services. The final voting round and award presentations take place at this event following live pitches from each of the finalists.

What an Applicant can Obtain

All applicants will receive a discounted ticket to the October 2024 Fast Pitch event.

The 10 Fast Pitch finalists will receive the following benefits:  
  • Friendly feedback pitch event to assess your needs 
  • One-on-one pitch coaching to hone your skills and prepare for the Fast Pitch Event
  • Financial mentor providing pro bono consulting services to get your financials in order
  • Participation in the WFN Private Pitch Event to practice your pitch and network with a curated group of investors, board members, WFN sponsors, and business professionals
  • Opportunity to compete for cash and services at the October Fast Pitch event:
    • $25,000 cash grant for the 1st place winners in each track (total of $50k in cash grants awarded)
    • $5,000 cash grant for Junior Venture Capitalists winner selected by our youth program participants
    • $100k+ of services will be distributed among all finalists based on your needs
  • Access to WFN's network of professionals for support and advice

In addition, because we are using the Spark platform, you will have the ability to share your relevant information with other Spark members / potential investors, as well as the ability to access Spark Collective Perks including discounts on a variety of products and services.

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