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Join Sparkxyz's Perk Package and get access to qualified startups

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Join Our Perks Package to Access Qualified and Funded Early-Stage Startups

Connecting to the startup world isn’t hard, but it becomes difficult when trying to connect to qualified startups. Spark is uniquely positioned in that our clients, the incubators and accelerators, prequalify the startups using Sparks’ platform. 

Spark then only offers the perks package to companies they accept into their portfolio.

This gives us an advantage for our partners to provide higher quality discounts and services to pre-qualified leads within the startup community with the knowledge that it will not be publicized to the open market.


Looking for established startups that want to find an additional sales channel that helps both sides.

This is an exclusive program and not all services will be accepted.


Provide a discount or credit for the startups to use your service. You gain a new sales channel for high growth ventures and the startups benefit from having reduced burn when they need it most. Win Win for all.

To be considered fill out the application and our team will be in contact shortly.

What an Applicant can Obtain

Push notification to all startups on the platform

Placement in the Sparkxyz Perks Package

Perk highlight in our weekly newsletter

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