Pitch Perfect - Halloween Edition

Pitch Perfect is a bi-monthly virtual pitch competition designed to encourage pre-seed & seed-stage startups of any industry to participate.

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On Thursday, October 28th at 3 PM PST, we will host our ninth iteration of Pitch Perfect, in which 8 Startups will be given the chance to pitch in front of an investor panel and live audience!

We will be allowing the audience to vote through one startup to each round. There may be two different winners!


ALL pre-seed & seed-stage startups are encouraged to apply regardless of industry.


3:05 - 3:45 PM PST - Investor Panel Discussion
The Investor Panel Discussion will feature all five Investor Panelists (listed below). Each investor will introduce themselves and share what they are focused on, something they are excited about, and the various adjustments they had to make over the past year.

Each team will be given five minutes to present in front of the judges (with slide deck). The winner will then be selected by the panel.

What an Applicant can Obtain

All Startups will receive exposure by participating in the event!

However, the winning team will receive LvlUp's sponsor package with over 250k worth of startup related materials!

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