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Please check out our Techstars Demo Days video: https://techstars.wistia.com/medias/blw0qjyx6r
Please check out the 3-minute TV feature on FanWide from NBC King 5: https://youtu.be/_KUFYVElo3k

UPDATE APRIL, 2020: FanWide has just launched its virtual watch party platform, providing remote fan engagement during the time of social distancing.  For more information visit https://fanwi.de/vwp

Professional sports teams have millions of fans living and traveling outside their local markets, but are unable to develop meaningful engagements with them.  FanWide solves this problem for our team partners from the NFL, NBA, NCAA, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Rugby League and others by creating fan clubs through a 5-step approach: 
  1. Identifying cities with significant remote fan bases comprised of work transplants, students, immigrants, military, business travelers and tourists.
  2. Matching sports bars in each location to be the team's official fan club chapter through a marketplace, holding the host accountable to show all the team’s televised games with sound with a contract.
  3. Driving traffic to each host to through joint digital marketing efforts from FanWide, the sports team and the bar.
  4. Generating revenue for the sports bars, sponsors and teams from these high-value fans with digital and onsite engagement, offering fans a gameday experience like they are inside their favorite team’s stadium.
  5. Collecting data to profile fans and increase the team’s total out-of-home (OOH) viewing audience size across thousands of sports bars nationwide.

Through these events created by FanWide, sports fans can easily find a local place to watch their favorite team play and sports bars gain new customers year-round. 

About Us

FanWide.com offers a free website which helps sports fans find an online fan community or local televised game, watch party or fan club for their favorite sports teams wherever they live or travel. Seattle-based FanWide was founded in 2016 and has created America’s largest sports watching network, promoting over 1.5 million events at 11,000 sports bars for 15,000 fan communities. 

The world’s leading sports organizations use FanWide’s services and technology to manage their fan communities. FanWide provides Virtual Watch Parties and is the Official Bar Partner of dozens of sports teams and fan clubs from the NFL, NBA, LaLiga, Rugby League and others. By creating multi-city game watch parties at sports bars and online, FanWide helps sports organizations provide their remote fans with a gameday experience like they would get inside the stadium of their favorite team. FanWide helps pro, college and international sports teams create, manage, monetize and collect data from their communities of remote fans. FanWide’s tech can be easily embedded within any team’s website or app. 

FanWide lets bars attract new customers and increase sales by automating their sports event scheduling and marketing to local sports fans. FanWide’s patent-pending AI predicts which games fans are looking for in any city. If there is no organized event in that area, FanWide creates it and sells the exclusive listing rights to a local bar. FanWide drives customers to any bar on any day of the year by promoting game watch parties for televised events on the channels they subscribe to. When sports fans search online for the nearest place to watch their favorite team, FanWide’s SEO-optimized platform gets its bars listed on the first page of Google and Facebook. FanWide provides tools to help sports bar of all sizes optimize their operations on gameday, reward their patrons for loyalty, build a mailing list and much more.

Fan communities and alumni associations join FanWide.com to find more local fans, manage their events digitally, increase engagement and measure attendance. Event data and consumer profiles are crowdsourced, anonymized and aggregated across thousands of bars nationwide. This can be used to increase the Out-Of-Home (OOH) TV viewing audience size. Broadcasters and sports organizations can see a surge in their overall viewing audience size by millions of fans each season. Major global brands are now sponsoring FanWide’s events for geotargeted marketing to a network of valuable sports fans.
FanWide’s technologies, data and services help members of any digital community find each other and a host in the real world. Long-term, FanWide’s global platform will create new local communities for fans of any interest group by giving them a nearby place to meet up and feel like they are at home with likeminded friends. 

Venture Highlights

  • FanWide is America’s largest sports fan club network.  We have promoted almost 1.5 million events for 15,000 fan club chapter at 11,000 sports bars.  
  • In the last quarter we established official partnerships with the LaLiga (Spanish soccer league), The Black Hole (Oakland Raiders Fan Club network), Rugby League International Federation, American Flag Football League, National Gridiron League.  We now have the rights to generate revenue from their fan clubs and most of them are embedding FanWide’s tech into their digital platform. 
  • We have proposals under review with almost 100 of the world’s top sports teams and leagues (NCAA, NFL and 6 teams, NBA and 12 teams, NHL, MLB, MLS, IndyCar, NASCAR, multiple European soccer leagues, etc., etc. ).  These contract ranging from $5k to $1M/yr, with a pipeline of almost $10M if we close every deal.  Working with sports teams is a little different from traditional businesses due to their seasonality, which makes it tough to project revenue from the teams.  We’ve just hired a Director of BizDev who spent 20 years with MLB and NHL teams to help us close these deals.
  • We have a strong leadership team and advisory board who have invested millions of dollars of their time for payment in equity: https://www.fanwide.com/company/leadership 
  • We have about a dozen accredited investors who have paid $575k into this priced round.  This include NFL Pro Bowler Cliff Avril, NFL Pro Bowler Ryan McNeil, and Former NCAA Basketball Head Coach Kerry Keating.
  • We have partnership deals with several brands who have already given or who have committed to give away almost $1M in prizes to our users on our network.  These have included Anheuser Busch (Bud Light), Red Bull, Strideline Apparel, Vintage Brand and FanChain. 
  • We have filed 3 full patents and 1 provisional patent. 
    • US Provisional Patent Pending 62/735,325 - Out-of-Home (OOH) Event Viewing Measurement Model, Filed in 2018
    • US Patent Pending 15/659,448 - Event-To-Spectator Correlation Tool, Published in 2017
    • US Patent Pending 15/659,466 - Event-To-Spectator Prediction and Hosting Tool, Published in 2017
    • US Patent Pending 15/659,475 - Event Spectator Connection Tool, Published in 2017
  • We have unique and proprietary data, we are not yet monetizing from this, including 
    • The world’s largest sports fan club database
    • Data on the location and sports interest of 25 million Americans 
    • Out-Of-Home (OOH) TV viewing audience data from sports bars measuring over 5 million viewers
  • Weekly mailings to 4,000 sports bars.
  • Endorsement from numerous famous athletes. 
  • Market trends are showing that as more people unsubscribe from cable (“cord cutting”) that they seeks sports bars to watch their games.  We saw 13% YOY growth in a trial we ran for the NFL, where we measured 4.7 million NFL viewers in sports bars in 2017 and 5.3 million in 2018. 
  • Massive market size as there 100+ million out-of-market sports fans in the US, including work transplants, immigrants, students and military.  There are another 100+ million travelers who would use when they are away from home.  Worldwide, the total number of remote sports fans is in the billions. 
  • Technology can be rapidly scaled and reapplied to help other digital communities connect in the real world – esports, live music, trivia nights, etc. 

Business Model

Monetization Strategy 
Our financial model is attached, but we are making some updates to it to reflect some changes in sales process (moving to a subscription).  
  • Sports Teams & Leagues – FanWide help professional and college sports organizations create virtual events and/or manage their fan club network.
    • Services & Tech - $10,000 to $250,000 / yr for various services.  All current partners (lead customers) were given these services for free, in exchange for allowing us to monetize from their fans clubs via the sports bars and sponsors.  Most future customers will pay, unless there is a strategic reason to provide our services for free.  We have proposal out with almost 100 teams/leagues which we would attempt to monetize from. 
    • Commercial Affiliate Fees – Affiliate fees vary from links to resell tickets, clothing, fan club memberships, etc.  Not yet activated. 
  • Sponsors - Affiliate fees vary from revenue sharing deals from teams sponsors.  No team-driven sponsorship sales yet. 
    • Sponsors – FanWide provides a sponsorship platform to brands which are looking to engage high-value sports fans or in sports bars.
    • Digital Ads & Activations - $100 to $100,000 to sponsors webpages, events and blog content. Sponsors can run contests or raffles and give away prizes.  Launched 8/19, 6 paying customers, $13k total revenue.  6 partners which have given away almost $1M in goods and prizes. 
    • On Site - $1000 / event for sponsors to send a street team to a series of events.  Launched 8/19, 1 paying customer, $1k total revenue.
  • Sports Bars – FanWide helps local sports bars by automating their sports game marketing, bringing them new customers, events and revenue. 
    • Subscription - $99/mo or $999/yr to join “FanWide Elite”, FanWide’s sports bar marketing subscription service.  Launched 11/19, 4 paying customers (first month), a few dozen in the pipeline. 
    • Events - $500 to $10,000 to organize events and/or start a fan club chapters at the bar.  Launched 2017, ~50 paying customers, ~$25k lifetime revenue. 
    • TV Packages - Affiliate fees vary from broadcasters to seller their commercial sports channels to sports bars as part of FanWide’s package.  Future revenue, starting 1/20 with LaLiga. 
  • Data – FanWide creates and manages unique and proprietary data.  It has not directly monetized from this yet, but has included it for free in other sales. 
    • Location Data – Location of 25M sports fans, which can be monetized by helping organizations plans event sites (interest from the NCAA) and international teams plan their US engagement (used by multiple teams). 
    • User Demographics – Data about consumer preferences, including sports bettering interest.  Valuable to sponsors. 
    • OOH Viewership – We measure attendance of millions of sports fans watching games at bars. This is valuable to the broadcasting industry, teams and sponsors as it gives them a larger total audience size. 

Competitive Advantage

FanWide's leadership team has diverse industry experience, please visit https://www.fanwide.com/company/leadership.  FanWide's leadership team has significant technical and professional accolades (3 engineers, 1 Ph.D. data scientist, 1 lawyer, 1 hospitality entrepreneur, 1 pro sports executive) from some the top universities in the world (Duke, Stanford & University of Washington) with over 50 years of experience at some of the top technology companies in the world (Microsoft [x3], Google, Amazon, Oracle). The team also has over a decade of startup experience, with Symon Perriman working as an executive at 5nine Software before starting FanWide, and Dr. Garland being the first data scientist at SurveyMonkey, helping transform it into a billion-dollar data company. 
We have developed a 12-member advisory board consisting of sports industry veterans in marketing, sponsorships, strategy, memorabilia, and hospitality, along with several NFL Pro Bowlers. 


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Go-To Market Strategy

Sports teams help developing their fanbase in multiple cities across the United States.  Sports bars need new customers.  FanWide provides a marketplace which connects fans from every sports team with sports bars looking to host them.  FanWide will screen each bar to meet any requirements like channel availability.  FanWide will create a contract with the bar to host game watch parties throughout the season and show every televised league match with sound.  FanWide has helped dozens of the world's leading sports teams and leagues engage their remote fans.

These “official” game watch parties are promoted to sports fans in each city by FanWide, the league and each sports bar.  FanWide’s digital platform is used by the fan club at the event to let fans check in for deals, run paperless contests, engage league sponsors, measure game viewership and collect other fan engagement data.  FanWide generates its revenue from the league, sports bars, and sponsors, who pay $250 to $5,000 per fan club per season. 

FanWide also offers partners new targeted advertising channels through its digital platform, and on-site activations during thousands of in-person events which function like an "extended stadium", allowing sponsors to pay to engage any team’s most loyal fans in any city as we have done with Bud Light and Red Bull.  The information that is generated from the world's largest fan club database is sold as a subscription to teams, and the Out-Of-Home TV viewership measurements will be sold as a subscription to broadcasters and advertisers.  The sports betting profile data will be sold to sports betting companies for analytics of sports fans.

Competitive Analysis

FanWide was founded by former Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Oracle engineers with a passion for sports, and the company has four patents pending.  The company provides fan club services and technology to help sports organizations create, manage, monetize and generate data from their remote fans . 
There are event listing sites like TeamBarFinder.com and GameWatch.info, but FanWide's database is much larger (believed to be the largest sports fan club database in the world) and provides services for sports teams, fan clubs and sports bars.
FanWide differentiates itself by providing end-to-end services to connect and engage sports fans in every city.  While there are existing fan clubs that use social networks like Facebook or Meetup to organize their events, FanWide provides them with a digital platform to expand their network, organize events, communicate with local fans, collect and report attendance data, enter contests, and activate food or drink dFiscounts from the event host or team sponsors.
There are a few pro teams that show local events in their apps, but they only support a few events in that team's city.  FanWide supports every pro, college and international team in every city, and they can subscribe to our Sports Data Platform to analyze our fan engagement from hundreds of thousands of events.  All of FanWide’s services can be integrated within the team’s own website or app. 
With FanWide’s scalable cloud platform, if there are enough fans in an area that want to meet up, and a bar that wants to host the event, they will be automatically paired together.  Long-term FanWide wants to provide the world's leading platform to automatically match hosts with fans of any interest group, including TV shows, gaming, politics, board games, trivia, and more.
Competitor Website
Team Bar FInder teambarfinder.com
Gamewatch gamewatch.info
MatchPint matchpint.info


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!




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