Plant-based Meat Substitute with Microencapsulated Algae

Nobody 'Beats' our Plant-Based Meat!

Bozeman, MT, USA

One Liner

One Liner
Nobody 'Beats' our Plant-Based Meat!

What Problem We are Solving

The problem we have solved is meeting the need for better and more nutritious meat substitutes that possess the ability to have multiple healthy components placed in the product matrix.  Examples include microencapsulated flavors, alga's, and Cannabis extracts.  As the present population ages and succumbs to attrition, younger consumers,whom have been educated as to the health value of eliminating red meats and some poultry in the diet, will move closer to eliminating red meats and poultry, altogether.  The younger generation, largely due to internet access, have learned that eliminating red meats/poultry can result in improved health and longevity.  Red meats, poultry and some fish products are injected with chemicals found to be detrimental to human health and some are capable of bridging the blood-bell barrier, with some even causing Cancers.  Thus, as shift from consumption of red meats and poultry continues to take place, and more and more younger people move closer to a total vegetarian diet, the need exists for better tasting and more nutritious plant-based meat substitutes.  RMANNCO has a viable (Patent Pending) solution and can meet this growing market demand by utilizing its ability to microencapsulate and create new, better food components, such as 'Algae', from the Nannochloropsis species (6 species).  Algae can be used in present meat substitute formulations as well as in creating totally-new and better meat substitutes for specific meat markets, Beef Jerky, for example.  Other market niches include creation of healthy animal feed for Equines and K-9's that include algae and encapsulated CBD compounds.  We culture a species of red algae (used as a color substitute and for its nutritional value), Astaxanthin, which we grown in our own Biofloculators, which contains 600% more protein (in 1 ounce) when compared to the nutrient content in conventional (red/poultry) meats and fish, by the ounce.  This substance can be used to enhance the nutrient value and eliminate #2 Red Dye in virtually any food substance used as a form of nutrient source in the human diet.  Cannabis compounds, too, can be incorporated into any new meat matrix.  RMANNCO manufactures the microencapsulated components.  In addition to being used as a meat substitute, we believe these substances can be used to help solve the problem of world hunger, starvation (algae is very inexpensive to grow) and to reduce the carbon footprint of foods and feedstock on a global scale. 

About Us

About Us
RMANNCO, Inc. has entered into a multi-year (5) contract with Global Algae Management, LLC of Bozeman, Montana to microencapsulate all of the nannochloropis (algae) species targeted for inclusion in Nugent Brands' new substitute meat formulations under Ted Nugent's 'Wild Spirit Beef Jerky Brands' Trademark.  Nugent Brands has joint-ventured with the National Rifle Association ('NRA') to market the new products.  Nugent was recently seated on NRA's Board of Directors and has agreed to provide the NRA with donations derived from sales of the new meat (Beef Jerky) products, presently targeted to comprise Original Beef Flavored Beef Jerky, Peppered Beef Jerky, (Photos Attached) and four other flavors (TBD) to be developed under RMANNCO's proprietary, patent pending formulations.  The initial target market comprises all 33 Million Card-Carrying-Members of the NRA (worldwide) and the 3-5 Million 'Followers' Nugent carries via his multiple web sites, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WildSpirit.com  and several other web based platforms.  Conservatively, we estimate our initial Target Market to be on the order of magnitude of 35 Million to 40 Million potential customers.  Of course, our Pro Forma is much more conservative, using much smaller numbers to forecast potential sales just from this one contract, as we have others 'in the funnel' with entitities, e.g. MLB (Major League Baseball) and several of our competitors who are presently in the beef jerky production/sales business.  Thus, we have not included sales projections from any other source (national consumer data base for beef products, for example) and have strictly limited this 'Pitch' only to the 'Nugent/NRA' deal.


RMANNCO, Inc. is a privately-owned company based in Lenoir, NC and is in the business of formulating and creating new, microencapsulated product schemes for clients across a broad range of business segments.  These include, Pharmaceuticals, Nutriceuticals, Flavors and Fragrances, Adhesives, Biopolymers, Monomers, Candies and the Cannabis Edibles Industry (see:  https://tinyurl.com/y99rn6jz and www.rmannco.com and pps. 16-19, attached story excerpted from February 2020 issue of Terpenes and Testing Magazine).  RMANNCO owns the exclusive technology rights to use Dr. Resnick's encapsulation instrument and has the know-how to work exclusively with Global Algae to produce the new meat substitute products that include Global Algae's nannochloropsis products.  The instrument, which was built to Dr. Resnick's design specifications at the Chemical Engineering Laboratory at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA,  is capable of producing 1000 pounds of encapsulated product in a 12-hour shift.  The instrument was built in 2003 at a cost of  $240,000 Dollars and is owned by Dr. Resnick, free and clear.  RMANNCO, Inc. is a privately-owned, family-centered, S-1 For Profit Corporation and acts as a Holding Company and Profit Center with sales derived from the various inventions of Dr. Resnick and Ms. Mann, licensed exclusively to RMANNCO, Inc.  RMANNCO, Inc. is not a party to any litigation, has no outstanding debt, and carries small cash reserves in its working capital accounts. 

Global Algae Management, LLC is in the business of producing high quality, organic algae of the species known as, 'Nannochloropsis', including, Spirulina, Chlorella and Astaxanthin.  Global Algae Management, LLC is owned by Mr. Daniel Klemann who is the Inventor/Designer of Global Algae's Proprietary Micro-Biofloculation Technology and Algae Growing Systems.  These systems are used to grow/produce the various strains of the nannochloropsis, algae.  Mr. Klemann has constructed several of the MBT-Systems and can produce 1000 to 1500 pounds of algae in a 12 hour shift in each system.  The systems are licensed, exclusively, to Global Algae Management, LLC of which Mr. Klemann is the CEO.  The MBT-Systems are relatively inexpensive to build and operate, costing  under $7500 Dollars, each.  Mr. Klemann, who has a strong background in mechanical engineering, builds each system to his specific design parameters and for each particular species of nannochloropsis.  Each specie of nannochloropsis, because of their size and nutrient requirements (salt water versus fresh water), require a special size of biofloculator capable of moving precise amounts of nutrient and chemicals hourly within the closed, contained incubation system.  This results in production of the highest quality of algae for each of the six (6) species of nannochloropsis alga's.  Global Algae Management, LLC is owned by Mr. Daniel Klemann who is the CEO, Inventor/Designer of Global Algae's Proprietary Micro-Biofloculation Technology and Systems, licensed, exclusively to Global Algae Management, LLC.  Global Algae Management, LLC is a privately-owned Limited Liability Corporation owned by Mr. Klemann and is not a party to any litigation, has no debt, and owns all biofloculation systems free and clear of any encumbrances, liens, etc.

Venture Highlights

The venture between RMANNCO, Inc. and Global Algae Management, LLC is in its infancy, being less than four months old due to contractual delays by third parties over which neither RMANNCO nor Global Algae have/had any control.  Thus, the contract between the parties is only two weeks old and we have not scheduled production to commence until April 20, 2020.   That launch date is subject to change given the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, Global Algae Management does have several selected clients to which they sell algae and RMANNCO does have several clients for which it performs formulation efforts.  Thus, the companies have not produced any products for the Nugent/NRA contract as of this time.  In addition, RMANNCO's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Resnick, has been 'trail-blazing' in several areas and both companies have revenues derived from other sources.  For example, Dr. Resnick was a featured speaker at the 'Concentration 2019' Cannabis Convention held in May, 2019 in San Diego, CA where he presented a technical paper featuring encapsulated cannabis compounds for use in beverages (coffee, etc.).   In December 2019, Dr. Resnick presented another technical paper entitled, "Bioavailability of Microencapsulated Telomeres and Phenols' at the Washington State University, Puyallup, Washington.  Dr. Resnick has been featured in numerous magazine articles showcasing his work in the Environmental field, citing his development of mitigation technologies to deal with invasive aquatic species (Zebra and Quagga Mussels) in North America and in Australia using all natural substances in combination with CRISPR CAS-9 techniques.

Business Model

Business Model
Typical corporate structure with autonomous management style

Competitive Advantage

No other company has what we have...and Nobody 'Beats' our Plant-Based Meats!  RMANNCO owns the Proprietary microencapsulation technology marketing and manufacturing rights, and Global Algae, likewise, owns the Proprietary biofloculation aquaculture systems technology, manufacturing and marketing rights.  RMANNCO, in collaboration with Global Algae, have a US Patent Pending drawn to the means and methods to create new, substitute meat compositions that include microencapsulated flavors, proteins, alga's, minerals, flavors and vitamins (all of which can be selectively microencapsulated).  Microencapsulation protects components, e.g., algae and cannabis extracts, etc., from breakdown (due to heat) during manufacture.  Microencapsulation of actives and beneficial compounds also adds to the overall stability and shelf life of the products.  Global Algae has the ability to produce nannochloropsis (6 species of algae), to do this economically, and better and faster than any other company we are aware of.  We own the biofloculators (3) as well as the trade-secretive designs that allow us to, literally, 'mass-produce' algae for pennies on the dollar.  Likewise, we own the proprietary microencapsulation technology, the instrument to produce excipient products and to microencapsulate the various species of algae, as well as terpenes, cannabis extract compounds, THC, CBD, CBDa, flavors, spices and minerals, etc.  As of today, we are capable of producing 2000 pounds of algae per 12 hour shift and 1000 pounds of encapsulated algae in a 12 hour shift. Simultaneously with this 'Pitch', we are seeking an investment through an underwriting house in NYC to raise 20MM USD's in order to scale-up so that we can meet the anticipated demand for the Nugent-NRA product orders, initially (5000 Pounds Per Week).  For example, the NRA has 33MM members and Nugent Brands has 12MM followers (on the internet various platforms).  In order to meet the demand for products, just from this group, we have an immediate need to scale-up our production capability to enable production of 5000 pounds of encapsulated algae per week, or 20,000 pounds per month.  Our microencapsulated algae is priced by-the-gram to the producer, with which we have an exclusive manufacturing contract to produce the specialty beef jerky products for Nugent/NRA, and, subsequently to Major League Baseball.  Please take a minute and refer to the information found in our Pro Forma statement in the section entitled, 'Pitch Deck'.  Thank you, and Remember: No one has what we have, and Nobody 'Beats' our Plant-Based Meat!


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Go-To Market Strategy

Business Strategy
Our strategy is to undertake the marketing JV with Nugent Brands (Ted Nugent) and National Rifle Association (NRA) to market 6 new flavors of healthier Beef Jerky products, initially, that include 6 various species of microencapsulated algae.  Products may also include new meat substitute compositions containing microencapsulated terpenes, THC or CBD, or algas along with cannabis plant stock.  New products to include new meat substitute compositions containing Astaxanthin which contains 600 times more available protein when compared with conventional red-meat/poultry/fish products, ounce-per-ounce.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysys
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Jack Links JackLinks.com
Slim Jims SlimJim.com
walmart brands walmart.com


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!



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Bozeman, MT, USA




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