One Liner

We facilitate quality feedback on image-based work for design schools & design professionals.

What Problem We are Solving

The best, most actionable feedback on creative work comes from fellow creatives, and COVID has moved formerly in-person collaboration online, but no platform currently incentivizes or facilitates quality creative feedback.

About Us

We facilitate quality, virtual critiques on creative work through our incentive structures and quality control systems.

Venture Highlights

We built a beta within 4 months of our co-founders meeting each other and launched our beta to professors from 25 universities. 

We have a 100% conversion rate for professors we speak to either agreeing to use the platform with their students or referring us to a colleague whose classes will be a better fit for our software. 

We built a rockstar board of advisors (, including a social media influencer with 200k+ followers of our target audience. 

Business Model


Competitive Advantage

No alternative solution offers more than 2 of our 6 of our core components: a global community, a feedback portfolio, quality controls, incentive structures, private team spaces, and live image editing. 

Go-To Market Strategy

Offer design schools a free semester with our software. 
After that, they can either pay to continue using the platform, or individual professors can refer other professors and each professor receives an additional free month for themselves and their students. 

For design professionals requesting feedback on existing free alternatives, we offer them quality feedback for free on that platform, then invite them to join the free version of Creative Critique. We are also closing partnerships with professional associations for design representing 20,000+ users.

Competitive Analysis

1. Finished Portfolio Sites: Behance, Dribble, Deviant Art, etc 
How they're different: Designed to show potential clients
finished work, not to get in process feedback on current projects

2. Forum & Blog Style Sites: Reddit, GraphicDesignForums, etc 
How they're different: Designed without incentives to ensure quality and consistent community feedback

3. Mass A/B Test Softwares: VWO, Optimizely, CrazyEgg, Social Media voting systems (Like Instagram Stories, Twitter Polls, etc) 
How they're different: Provide “this or that” gut reactions, not explanations on how to improve aspects of projects in progress
Competitor Website


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!





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