What Problem We are Solving

Making predictions is a naturally occurring phenomenon that have been happening since the beginning of time...until the end of time.  This is not a trend...this cannot be uncreated. Yet no current platform that's fair and fun that allows the masses to make money off of their predictions. There are too many hurdles in Wall Street for the majority of people.  Everyone is already naturally making predictions and everyone wants some financial freedom.

VersusGame is a prediction game, where you get paid for being right.  
Predict the outcome of your favorite brands, apps, companies, and musicians for cash prizes. 

Did you think Uber was going to be big? 
Did you get paid for that prediction? 
Most people around the world don't but 100% of people have opinions aka predictions all day, every day. Everyone wants to be right. So we built a platform where people are getting paid thousands of dollars a week for doing what they are already naturally doing all day long.  

We want people to be able to predict anything and get paid for it. 

The intent based predictive data behind this is already proving valuable to buyers.

About Us

Creating the worlds largest prediction marketplace. 
This is like fantasy sports but for all other industries, but sports:)   We want people to be able to predict anything..from weather to real-estate! 
The founders are passionate about creating a fair and fun platform where the masses can make money from what they are passionate about. 
There is no platform that lets the average person to make money from their opinions/predictions. 

Venture Highlights

Grown from zero to over 2,000,000 users in 10 months.
MRR is $150,000.
Won The West Coast Challenge where the the winner gets $200,000.
We were picked up by this tech pub: https://thestartupgrowth.com/2019/01/16/pop-quiz-monday-with-john-vitti/



Business Model

VersusGame takes 20% of each game.
We also have a sponsorship program.

Competitive Advantage

Our team is full of successful entrepreneurs and execs with marketplace backgrounds.  
We have first mover advantage. 
We will have scale (and already gaining traction).
We have complex algorithms. 


MoM Growth


Total Users
Total Users (Past 30 Days)
Total Paying Users

Customer Costs


Go-To Market Strategy

We got most of our users for free via social media influencers.  Our CAC is zero for this cohort.  This cohort spends $2.50 per month with us.  We also acquired users via Google Adwords.  Our CAC is $1.00 and this cohort spends $200 to $300 per month with us.


Partnered up with small Instagram influencers that have 1M F each.  Every time they post, they drive 10k players (not sign ups). 

Pipeline: The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Live Nation, Sony (distribution), other games, Rihanna, JayZ, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and others. 


Every $1.00 we invest, we make $210 in return. 

Just Google Adwords. We want to advertise on social as well. 

Referral Program

1 out of 20 people refer a player.

 Will start email drip campaigns with hundreds of thousands of emails next. 

Competitive Analysis

Our indirect competitors are Draftkings (they focus on sports and we don't).  As well as Robinhood as they focus on aspiring investors. 
Competitor Website
robinhood robinhoodapp.com
draftkings draftkings.com



VersusGame is a social prediction game where you get rewarded for being right.  Predict the outcome of your favorite company or musician and win real money.


User acq ideas/planning/execution. Social media influencer outreach.
Quora engagement
Plan relevant/timely pop culture games for us to launch. 
Social media management
VC research
Blog writing - MrktStar should be considered a thought leader in this new space.
PR targeted research and outreach

Part-time Employee

Santa Monica, CA, USA


$1,000.00 - $1,000.00

0.100% - 0.250%


1+ years

Entrepreneurship Sales Brand Positioning Brand Strategy Communication Design & Media Marketing Business Development

Casual Dress
Daily Meals Provided


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!




Business Stage

Paying Customers

Business Type



Internet Technology Finance Gaming Entertainment

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