Ledgersync is a cutting edge technology that auto fetches ALL client financial data. We are a MUST HAVE technology for Accounting.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

One Liner

One Liner
Ledgersync is a cutting edge technology that auto fetches ALL client financial data. We are a MUST HAVE technology for Accounting.

What Problem We are Solving

Ledgersync is a FinTech Software company based out of Los Angeles that solves one of the most pressing problems that any accountants and lender have- How do I access my client's financial data?

As you can imagine, Bank/Credit Card/Investment data serves as the lifeblood of any company's financial reporting along with tax preparation work.

About Ledgersync:

Ledgersync established in 2016 is a FinTech software company that retrieves “ALL” the financial data from over 900 Banks/Credit Card accounts in North America. Ledgersync’s current customers bases consists of; Accountants/Bookkeepers/Lenders and Small Businesses in the US & Canada.

Ledgersync has formulated partnerships with Intuit Canada, Office Depot (they sell their own accounting software) and others to be a bank feed data provider. In addition, the company has it’s own off the shelf product which currently services 500+ Accounting Firms. 

About Us

About Us
Doesn't Quickbooks do the same thing?

Absolutely not! Intuit has reached out and connected to Ledgersync to be a data provider for Quickbooks Online. Ledgersync provides a whole slew of data that QuickBooks Online doesn't provide. Ledgersync is the only company that provides accountants access to: Checks, Deposits and Statements.
Is there Accounting market for Ledgersync?

The market for Ledgersync is huge and exhaustive. * There are over 3 Million CPA's in the US. ALL CPA's must access client data in order to do their accounting work. Ledgersync is a data stream provider of the foundational data that Accountants need in order to do their job. * Ledgersync also provides API services to Accounting Software Vendors * Ledgersync has generated well over $1M in revenue with less 500 Accounting firms
Can Ledgersync be expanded to other markets?

Yes and we will expand to other markets. The low hanging fruit is Accountants however, we plan to expand into the Lending market. Why? All Lenders require official bank statements in order to fund a loan. Ledgersync will be the a one click solution to fetch bank statements from borrower bank accounts.
Can Ledgersync get to profitability?.

Ledgersync is essentially profitable if we are to exclude CEO pay. The investment we seek is expected to fuel a 300% growth in Ledgersync's revenue.
Does Ledgersync have any competitors?

Ledgersync has one main competitor that was recently acquired.

Venture Highlights

Was voted best accounting consumer facing app in 2017
 The company is close breakeven excluding CEO Pay.

- Company grew 100% Year over Year for the past 3 years

- Grew company by 2x with virtually no investment

- Current short term Total Available Market is over $700M

- ALL competitors were purchased with extremely lucrative and high valuations.

Competitive Advantage

we have built our own bank connections and the only FinTech solution in the market that grabs check images (still needed by accounting firms) and entire eco-system that makes bank data gathering really easy. 
As we own the code and provide unique data we are becoming the default bank data aggregation provider for Accountants/Lenders. 
We have had tremendous growth and will continue to grow.


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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysys
Hubdoc is our main competitor as we both are going after the same client base. Hubdoc was acquired by Xero in July 2018 and therefore Intuit is looking to us to help them capture the accounting market.
Competitor Website
HubDoc www.hubdoc.com


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!




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