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The creative industry expects that the creative community manages their own intellectual property, ownership, and digital rights. Unfortunately, creatives are not leaving the comfort of their creative process to perform time-consuming complex data collection and documentation tasks to complete this workflow. The creative comfort zone consists of using communication tools, sharing media and word files and E-Signing. Creative can use over 10 platforms to complete one workflow and still not achieve IP and digital rights protection.

As a result of the creative workflow not matching to the industry workflow, music creators have lost $2.4B in unclaimed royalties because of a lack of ownership documentation. Film/TV has many unreleased projects because of scriptwriting attribution disputes. In all creative business segments, ideas and contributions get lost over time. Infringement disputes boil down to who can provide the most proof. 

The Labz Solution houses an ecosystem of “tools” that tracks the natural creatives workflow. The use that data to help creative easily track and protect their digital rights and IP.

About Us

The Labz is an ecosystem of tools specially designed to support varying types of creative roles in one workspace. The Labz supports the business processes of creating content like preserving collaboration activity, establishing agreements and protecting access to content. 

Business Model

Monthly  Subscription $12.99

Competitive Advantage

 Collaboration, documentation, and storage platforms are made for the masses. In order to successfully complete the creative process, creatives have to figure out how best to use these platforms broad features so that they can create their own ad hoc workflow process {communicating and tracking ideas, getting documents created and signed and storing the history of the file, project, clients, owners}. Our competitors can solve this problem by focusing solely on the creative process. All our competitors are focused on growing their platforms more into other sectors. The Labz is three platforms that connect by shared data. 


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Go-To Market Strategy

Our goals is to close the $6M B2B pipeline of customers we already have a relationship with as well as directly selling to new business customers. Our pipeline consist of Universities and production studios

Competitive Analysis

Our competitors are either, storage, reporting, or documentation companies but what makes us different is that our platform's technology combines all of the above functions within the workflow of the everyday song creators process. Benefit to the artist- Owning work is as easy as file sharing and text messaging. Benefit to businesses that need artist data? Businesses longer have to track down artist for ownership data because as soon as a song is done songs are sent ownership data. 
Competitor Website
Google Doc www.googledoc.com
Docusign www.docusign.com
Dropbox www.dropbox.com


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!


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Investor-Backed, Venture Capital Backed


SaaS Blockchain B2B2C B2B Film Industry Media Art Music Technology


Last Updated: 02/16/19

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